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Cherry Hill Tree Service

Does storm damage have you in a stump?  Fallen trees and branches are not only an eyesore but a safety hazard as well.  Finding the right company to take care of your tree services and property maintenance needs can take a lot of time and be overwhelming. 

Our team in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, is here to take this burden off your shoulders.  You and your family deserve a professional service that you can trust, and Gale’s South Jersey Tree Service is the local expert you need.

Our locally owned and family-operated company offers tree and stump services in the Cherry Hill area.  Our tree care services are top-notch and affordable.  Our team is staffed with experienced climbers, arborists and holds many years of experience in a wide range of tree care and property services. 

Gale’s South Jersey Tree Service has transparent pricing and offers the highest level of customer care.  Our team is equipped for tree removal and emergency tree removal, stump grinding and removal, land clearing, tree trimming, and pruning.

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Our Tree Removal and Trimming Process

Our process for tree removal and tree trimming is efficient, quick, and top quality.  Our team is equipped and capable enough to handle even the most challenging jobs.  Over the years, we have mastered the tricky tree jobs, large trees, and even those in challenging spots. Gale’s South Jersey Tree Service can remove trees from your Cherry Hill, New Jersey home correctly.  Your property will be left cleaner and safer than before.

Don’t Overlook Pruning

Pruning is like giving your trees a much-needed manicure.  Tree trimming and tree pruning are practical steps to keep your beautiful Cherry Hill trees strong and vibrant looking over the years.  When trees are pruned properly by an expert arborist, they yield the best results.  Properly pruning your trees and shrubs makes sure they grow and thrive. 

Poor maintenance can cause harm or even kill.  When you allow amateurs to handle pruning your trees, it can lead to more damage in the long run.  Save yourself a lot of time and money by hiring a certified arborist from our expert team.

Gale’s South Jersey tree trimming and branch cutting services reduce the risk of loose branches on your property or damage to your Cherry Hill home.  Getting your branches trimmed regularly is essential to maintaining beautiful, thriving trees and a safe environment.  Our certified arborists are trained to remove only the branches necessary to keep your trees healthy.

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Stump Removal & Grinding

It’s a big job to remove trees from your yard, but it is often necessary to get it done.  After the trees have been cleared, what do you do with the stump?  Having a stump on your property is not the nicest thing to look at, and it comes with some other disadvantages. 

Stumps aren’t just aesthetically unpleasing but can also become the future home of unwanted pests and rodents that can lead to infestation and other problems.  Let Gale’s South Jersey Tress Service protect your landscape and lovely Cherry Hill, New Jersey property. 

We can handle all your stump removal and grinding needs.  We pride ourselves on our affordable and competitive pricing and the ability to complete stump removal and grinding in a short amount of time.

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Why Do You Need a Reliable Tree Care Company?

The tree removal and service business can be dangerous.  It is crucial to hire a team of professionals who can get the job done and safely. 

Nobody likes the havoc that storms leave behind.  The damage can range from minor to severe. 

One of the worst things that can happen is a huge tree falling on your property after a massive storm.  

The last thing you and your family need is not to get a hold of a tree service company for a month or more.  Fallen trees and branches left on your property are not only displeasing to look at but are a safety hazard. 

They also attract unwanted pests and rodents.  Gale’s South Jersey Tree Service can provide you with fast emergency tree removal.  You no longer have to wait months to get your home and property cleaned up and back in order. 

Let us be your go-to tree care and stump service company.

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The South Jersey Difference

We are committed to treating our Cherry Hill, New Jersey customers like family.  We provide the same level of care that you would expect from your own family.  The concerns and needs of our customers are very important to us.  After having one conversation with our team, you will see how different we are from the rest. 

We go the extra mile to make sure you and your family are satisfied.  Our experts are prompt, polite, and transparent.  Our team at Gale’s South Jersey Tree Service ensures that all our clients receive personal care and the utmost customer service.

If you can find a better price for your tree service and stump needs in the Cherry Hill area, we guarantee we can beat it without degrading our service.  You never have to worry about us cutting corners or a lack of quality and care.  Our company out-prices competitors because we don’t mark up our services.

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Our number one priority is our customers.  You are an essential part of our business and our mission.  Our company has worked hard to build trust amongst our clients in Cherry Hill, and our loyal customers continue to use our tree removal services, tree trimming, pruning, and more for their property needs. 

Gale’s South Jersey Tree Service’s mission is to continue offering the best tree services in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and throughout the South Jersey area.

Contact us now for affordable professional quality tree services for your home and property.  South Jersey Tree Service is fully licensed and insured.  Let our local experts fix, treat, and keep your property manicured and safe.  Call us at 1-856-272-0667 to receive a free quote and set up a consultation.