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Have an annoying and unsightly stump protruding from your property?

Want to know where you can find the best stump removal and grinding services in all of South Jersey? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

South Jersey Tree Service offers affordable full tree stump removal and grinding service in Riverside, NJ and surrounding neighborhoods in South Jersey.

The tools that we use for our stump grinding are top notch and so are our crew members!

We can handle any size stump grinding or removal job in South Jersey, no questions asked.

With our experience and know how, you’ll be sure to get your full money’s worth and more. Because without the right tools, stump grinding can be a dangerous task.

Trusting this work to inexperienced amateurs is a surefire way of paying for it down the line.

We exercise extreme caution and take the proper safety measures to ensure that our crew and customers are kept safe throughout the stump removal and grinding process.

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Stump Grinding vs. Stump Removal

How do you know when you need a simple stump grinding vs. a more intrusive stump removal done on your property? Stump grinding and removal is a service that we provide on an as needed basis. There are many times our customers request a tree removal and also ask how they can get rid of the unsightly stump after the fact. There is an option to grind down the stump or have it removed entirely. We discuss the differences below: 

Stump Grinding South Jersey

We typically recommend stump grinding if the homeowner does not plan to replant or use their landscape for other means besides laying a fresh sheet of grass.

Stump grinding is both the time and money saving option.

 In order to get rid of the stump, we use a commercial stump grinder.  We grind the stump down to as close to the ground as we can get in a matter of an hour.

We can also reduce the stump to a few inches below the ground. Then we cover the area with soil and plant fresh grass over it. This will make the area look as if there was never a tree there to begin with. Good as new.

Full Stump Removals South Jersey

Now, there are times that our customers wish to replant trees and a garden in their freshly cut landscape.

In these cases, we recommend a full stump removal down to the roots. This is much more time and resource intensive as you can imagine. As such, the price we charge for a full stump removal is higher than a mere stump grinding.

It’s also important to note that there are many DIY stump removal blog posts and videos surfacing on the internet. We advise against anyone performing this task on their own as it can be dangerous without the proper training or equipment.

We discuss our stump removal process below. 

Our Stump Removal Process

Grind Stump

Initially, we grind the stump down to as low to the ground as possible

Soften Stump

We utilize chemicals to soften up the stump before we begin the removal process

Drill Stump

We use a high powered drill to drill insertions on the top of the stump a few inches apart from each other

Fill Drilled Holes

We fill the holes we created in the stump with softening chemicals to allow the stump to continue to soften

Uproot Stump

We utilize special tools to uproot the remaining stump from beneath the ground, minimizing the damage to surrounding areas

Benefits of Getting Rid of a Tree Stump?

When you remove a stump from your yard, whether it’s through stump grinding or removal, you are making way for other landscaping opportunities.

You are getting rid of any potential for pests, termites or rodents from making a permanent home inside your stump

Regardless of whether you need a stump grinding or full stump removal, our team can help. We’ll provide the best pricing and service in South Jersey. 

Call today to have one of our professional arborists give you a free estimate on a stump removal or grinding. We can help you figure out whether a stump removal or stump grinding would be more effective in your case.

Whatever option is chosen and selected, South Jersey Tree Service will promise to get the job done at the most competitive price without compromising quality and safety. Call today to schedule a free on site estimate.

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