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South Jersey Tree Removal

If you’re looking for an affordable tree removal service in South Jersey and have been shopping around for quotes, you’re probably wondering how these prices are being quoted.

We get that there are a lot of questions regarding costs around tree services and how to properly vet the company to ensure they’re the right one for the job.

So to first tackle the common question of—

How much does it cost to have a tree or stump removed?

The answer to this is dependent on a few things. If a tree care company quotes you without properly vetting these answers with you, it’s likely they’re not qualified for the job.

In order to create an accurate price estimate, there are various pieces that need to be factored in to ensure that the tree or stump removal quote stays the same throughout the duration of the agreement. It not only depends on the height of the tree and the level of difficulty in removing it, but also a number of other factors.

Let’s say you have a fairly large tree (100 ft.) leaning over your home. This would be a great example in which you’d be quoted for the height (usually because trees of this size require special equipment and machinery).

But the quote will also include a weight factor on the difficulty of the job itself, and other ancillary factors. Since the tree is leaning so close to your home, there are higher risks associated with the task. Larger stumps in difficult areas will affect stump removal quotes and these should be factored in as well. 

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Factors That Affect Cost of Tree Service & Care

So to answer this question- it really depends on these main factors and where your tree removal falls within each spectrum.

Tree Height & Size

How tall and wide is the tree? The type of tree will also affect these factors so that's something our crew considers as well.

Tree COndition

Though it may not seem obvious at first, questions like is the tree healthy or dead/dying- are all important factors to consider.

Job Location & Site Condition

The final quote will depend on the needed travel time to the job site for our crew. If the job is outside our typical service area, this will need to be factored in to the price quote. And how close the tree is to any building or power lines will constitute as site condition factors.

Time & Material Costs

Time is a factor in pricing- from the tree removal, job site clean up and hauling away any remains. As well as any additional equipment that may be required to remove the tree in the safest way possible

Additional Services Needed

If in addition to the original tree removal request you need a stump grinding or removal or even mulching services, this will affect the final quote

Permits Needed

If there are any additional costs associated with obtaining the tree removal permit, this will be factored into the final price quote.

We Also Offer Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning Services

In addition to tree removal, our crew offers the highest quality tree trimming and pruning services in NJ. We will always offer to travel to the job site and provide a free estimate to accurately provide the rates for the job. This will include a consultation as to what services we recommend you opt for for maximum benefits. So rest assured that we will take all above factors into consideration when quoting your tree care job. That way, the price we quote initially is the price that you’ll pay once we’re all finished with the job. To learn more about our tree trimming services or tree pruning capabilities, visit our service page. We service Burlington County and surrounding South Jersey township areas. 

Our Process

Initial Call

You call us with your initial request. And we receive all the information 

On Site Job Quote

We will come over to the job site to assess the tree and job site condition in order to give you a free no obligation quote at your earliest convenience

Proposal & obtain permits

Then once you’ve agreed to our initial quote, we’ll write up a proposal and obtain any permits necessary for the job

Set Appointment

We’ll schedule an appointment that works for you and our crew

On Site Appointment

We’ll arrive on time, ready to tackle the job and will always clean the debris once our work is done, leaving your property looking like new. 

Why We're the Right Team for Your Tree Removal Job

When vetting for your next tree removal South Jersey job, make sure that you’re choosing a reliable company in NJ that will get the job done effectively and safely.

There are few jobs out there as risky as a tree climber or arborist. As such, it’s best to ensure that the team you’re calling in for the job has the proper certifications, training and licenses to keep you safe from any future headaches.

We are licensed & insured

This is very important when hiring a tree removal service in South Jersey in particular. Not many people realize that there are companies out there who are operating without any insurance or licenses. And this can cause a huge headache in the future if any problems arise on your NJ property.

Reliable Customer Service

We pride ourselves in being the South Jersey Tree Service company that’s known for its unrivaled customer service.
This means pleasant conversations with our team, appointments that are met on time and never any flaking or dishonest pricing wars. We treat each client like a family member and we promise that once you work with our team you’ll never want to work with anyone else.

Affordable but never compromising quality

We’ve heard from many of our Jersey customers that the prices we charge for our tree services are very affordable compared to the competition. While we love to provide our customers with the best pricing around, we will never consider ourselves the cheapest option out there.

This is not because it’s not true, but because we care about the quality of our service. And will charge what we need to, to provide our customers with the highest level of care and attention.

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